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We are committed to helping people sleep better and improving the quality of their lives.

If you are already an apnea patient, there is a good chance that oral appliance therapy was never even mentioned after your diagnosis. Unfortunately, most physicians who are not “sleep certified” through the Academy of Sleep Medicine are not aware at all of any options of treatment other than CPAP or surgery for OSA. Oral appliance therapy has existed for over 20 years and is very well researched. Most importantly, as of earlier 2006, new guidelines have been established by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine’s Standards of Practice Committee making oral appliance therapy the 1st line of treatment to be considered for patients with mild to moderate sleep apnea who either prefer it to CPAP or unable to successfully use CPAP.

One of Dr. Sosenko’s personal goals is to gain awareness in the medical community of this wonderful treatment option. If you would like us to send information regarding OAT to your current medical provider, please email us his or her name and address so that we can send them an updated informational packet.

We don’t want you to wait any longer to get the relief you need. Call us today, 1-800-SNORING to arrange for a consultation with Dr. Sosenko. An initial consultation includes a complete examination and evaluation of your oral health status and sleep test to determine if you are a good candidate for an oral appliance. Dr. Sosenko will help you choose the appliance best suited for you.

Our Mission

  1. To educate physicians on the importance of offering Oral Appliance Therapy when appropriate in the treatment of OSA and snoring.
  2. To educate as many people as possible on the importance of ‘chronic snoring’ and its link with a life threatening condition.
  3. To reach patients who have unsuccessfully attempted CPAP therapy and offer Oral Appliance Therapy as an option.

First Appointment

When you arrive for your first visit, please bring with you your completed new patient forms. Click Here to download all new patient forms or call our Naperville office, 630-369-5508, and ask for Rosa. Rosa will send the new patient packet to your home or office.

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