How Often Are The Oral Appliance Therapy Sleep Devices Successful?

Question of the Week: How often are the sleep devices successful?

Dr. Lydia Sosenko  answers the question “How often are the sleep devices successful?” She tells us Oral Appliance Therapy for snoring is 90% effective. 65 to 85% of Sleep Apnea patients will find relief of their apnea with Oral Appliance Therapy.

Patients who are the most successful when using Oral Appliance Therapy:

  • are those with mild to moderate apnea
  • are not obese
  • have a wide range of motion in their jaw

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Dental Sleep and TMD Center of Illinois, a premiere snoring and apnea treatment center in Naperville. We have been providing the CPAP alternative treatment of Oral Appliance Therapy successfully for over 15 years. For more information on this physician-recommended treatment option and more, visit, or give us a call at (630) 369-5508.

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