Can Autoimmune Disorders Lead to Sleep Problems?

Autoimmune disorders can lead to sleep problems

Is your sleep interrupted by aches and pains?

Do you suffer from depression, anxiety and stress and fatigue?

Is sleep apnea a warning sign of autoimmune disorders?

Can autoimmune disorders lead to sleep problems? Studies now show this is a fact. Many people suffer from autoimmune disorders, and their pain can be significant.

Here are ten suggestions to help manage sleep problems:

  1. Create a regular bedtime routine and sleep schedule
  2. Use extra pillows to support painful joints
  3. Enjoy good nutrition and exercise daily
  4. Keep a comfortable temperature in the bedroom (Around 64 degrees is suggested)
  5. Wear comfortable sleep clothing
  6. Try to get 8-9 hours of sleep each night
  7. Try to manage pain with routine massage therapy sessions
  8. Stop alcohol and caffeine consumption well before bedtime
  9. Try acupuncture, meditation or Yoga
  10. Ask your doctor if changes in medication are necessary

Read more on how restful sleep can improve your autoimmune symptoms here:

Don’t put up with sleep problems any longer! See a sleep specialist and allow them to help solve your sleep difficulties.

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