The Dangers of Over-the-Counter Anti-Snoring Devices

Are you trying to treat your snoring on your own? Listen in to the discussion with Dr. Lydia Sosenko and Dr. Gail Demko – The “Go-To” expert on the current research in the field of Dental Sleep Medicine. Find out what FDA approval means, patients that have lost teeth due to OTC appliances, why there is no such thing as “SAFE” snoring, and much more!

Maximizing Insurance Benefits for Oral Appliance Therapy for Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea from a Patient’s Perspective

Jan Palmer is nationally recognized expert on maximizing insurance benefits for Dental Sleep Medicine. Since 1999, Ms. Palmer has focused on achieving the best possible results when billing medical insurance for the treatment of oral appliance therapy.

Jan Palmer answers the following and more:

  • Can you receive medical insurance coverage on your oral appliance?
  • How much coverage can you expect?
  • How involved does the patient need to become to achieve maximum coverage?
  • Should the patient call their insurance company to “hurry” the process?
  • Are most dentists adequately trained in seeking medical insurance reimbursement?

Treating Snoring: A Life and Death Decision!

Snoring is not just a laughing matter. Listen in while Sleep Expert, Dr. Steven Park and Dr. Lydia Sosenko discuss treating snoring.   Learn more about the many dangers snoring leads to, how it’s a “dealbreaker” in many relationships, why sleep tests are very important, how common undiagnosed apnea really is, and much more!


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