If I Have TMJ, Can I Still Get Oral Appliance Therapy?

Question of the Week – “If I have TMJ, can I still get Oral Appliance Therapy?”

In this Dental Sleep Medicine video Dr. Lydia Sosenko discusses the varying degrees of TMJ and whether or not Oral Appliance Therapy can be prescribed. The answer to this week’s question is “yes,” but it does depend on the severity of your TMJ.

Call Dental Sleep and TMD Center of Illinois at (630) 369-5508 today. We will determine the severity of your TMJ and whether or not Oral Appliance Therapy can relieve your symptoms while helping to alleviate snoring for you. Visit http://www.tiredofsnoring.com to schedule an appointment with us.

Tension Heaches and Migraine Headaches are among the Most Common Symptomsof TMD Dysfunction

Dr. Brian Weyneth and Dr. Lydia Sosenko, general dentists in Naperville Illinois, are highly trained dental practitioners in the treatment of TMD. They have spent years learning and practicing the most advanced technology and research to bring relief to our TMD patients. The heart of our practice is to help you find freedom from TMJ and related symptoms – especially TMJ tension headaches and migraine headaches.

Our firm commitment to you, as our patient, is to provide relief from migraine headaches, grinding your teeth, popping and clicking of your jaw, fullness and ringing in your ears, as well as any jaw, face, head, or neck pain related to TMJ.

Our approach is a comprehensive program for treating TMJ problems such as headaches, jaw pain, and bruxism. We start with a complete in-office assessment, including computer evaluation of head/neck/ biting forces and their relationship to healthy muscle and joint positioning, specific splint therapy, massage therapy, laser therapy, and ultrasound. We back up this assessment with outstanding home products, such as a painless Microcurrent unit that gently helps heal muscles and joints and relieves head and neck pain. Read more about the treatments on our website.

Jaw Pain and Facial Pain Treatment with Dr. Bryan Weyneth and Dr. Lydia Sosenko

Join Dr. Lydia Sosenko and Dr. Bryan Weyneth as they discuss common symptoms and treatment of jaw,facial and joint pain.

Find the answers to:

  • What are some of the causes of jaw pain and facial pain?
  • What are common complaints patients bring to you?
  • Do patients often complain of headaches?
  • How many types of medical professionals do many of your patients visit while trying to treat their jaw and joint pain symptoms ?
  • What  can Dental Sleep and TMD Center of Illinois do to help treat TMD and TMJ?
  • What does treatment for jaw and joint pain involve?
  • Is there home therapy for jaw and joint pain?
  • If someone is  considering TMD/TMJ treatment, what is their first step to determine if they can receive successfuul treatment with Dr. Weyneth and Dr. Sosenko.

If you would like to find out more about the treatment options provided at Dental Sleep and TMD Center of Illinois, please visit our website: StopJawPain.com

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One of our newest technological advancements: The T-Scan System for TMD Pain Treatment

Picture courtesty of Tekscan

Sherman Oaks Dental and Dental Sleep and TMD Center of Illinois have an exciting new computer-guided TMD Pain Treatment to offer our family of patients effective TMD pain improvement.

How does the T-Scan work?

At your first visit with our TMD director – Cathy, we will administer a t-scan bite impression. This impression details all areas of our patients bite.

The computerized bite scan will precisely show our Doctors which bite areas are dominant. Dominant bite areas can cause mild to severe ear pain, neck pain, jaw pain and can trigger headaches and migraines.

Once a bite pattern is evaluated by our doctors, we develop an individualized treatment plan, including at home exercises, with our personalized take home kit.  Our patient then continues care with our TMD team every week for 8 to 12 weeks.
We repeat the t-scan every other week to evaluate bite changes until our patients bite is even, and their pain is alleviated.

To find out more about this revolutionary system, please contact our office, 630 369-5225.  Dr. Weyneth and Dr. Sosenko are available to schedule a complimentary telephone consultation with you to discuss TMD management.

Are you experiencing Jaw or Neck Pain?

You are not alone!  Approximately 33% of the population has at least one TMD symptom.

TMD, Temporomandibular disorder, is a collective term used for a number of clinical problems that involve chewing muscles, jaw joint (TMJ) and associated structure.  TMD is an extremely common disorder that is most often reported in individuals between the ages of 20 and 40.  Signs and symptoms to be aware of include:

  • pain in the head and neck muscles
  • limited mouth opening
  • joint sounds upon movement

TMD symptoms fluctuate over time and correlate significantly with muscle tension, tooth clenching and grinding, and other oral parafunctional habits.  Some social factors, like worry, stress, frustration and depression have an impact on TMD.

TMD can be the causative factor in:

  • ear pain
  • dizziness
  • ringing in the ears
  • neck pain
  • toothache

We find many of our patients seeking treatment have a break down in more than one of these systems.  TMD pain is by far the most common reason patients seek treatment.  The Good News?  There are a large number of potentially reversible conservative therapies we offer at Sherman Oaks Dental for TMD relief.

To learn more about the therapies we offer, please call our office, 630 369-5225, to schedule a consultation with Dr. Bryan Weyneth.


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