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Dr. Sosenko was recently featured in the Chicago Tribune. Here’s the link to her article.

Improved sleep apnea treatments help patients breathe easier

Here’s a short excerpt:

“Dr. Lydia Sosenko, of Sherman Oaks Dental and the Dental Sleep & TMD Center of Illinois in Naperville, is an enthusiastic advocate of Oral Appliance Therapy.

A mold is made of the patient’s mouth, then a few weeks later, the patient is presented with a customized device that is adjusted to make a proper fit in the mouth, she said.

“It is an effective method for those (who) cannot tolerate the CPAP machine,” Sosenko said. “It has proven to be 50 to 85 percent effective for individuals who are mild to severe (sufferers of sleep apnea) and non-obese.” Read More


In June, Dr. Lydia Sosenko traveled to Minneapolis, Minnesota to attend the American Association of Dental Sleep Medicine’s 20th Annual Meeting.  While at the meeting, Dr. Sosenko was delighted to be introduced to Dr. Colin Sullivan MD,Phd FRACP, the keynote speaker, and the inventor of the CPAP (continuous positive air-pressure) Machine.

During Dr. Sullivan’s presentation, Dr. Sosenko jotted down a few notes.

Dr. Sullivan’s view on Dentists and sleep disorders:

  •  ”I have for many years felt that dentists should have a strong role in sleep disorders.”
  •  “As dentists you have a great opportunity to screen patients especially since there is a generation that claims to be healthy and doesn’t seek medical attention often, yet dentists see patients several times per year.”

Dr. Sullivan on the dangers of snoring:

  • “I don’t think snoring is ever benign.  It’s a chronic progressive disease. It’s an airway obstruction problem.  The question is how much?”
  • “Vibration from snoring is proven to promote internal atherosclerosis damage.”
With over 60% of sleep apnea and snoring sufferers unable to tolerate a CPAP-machine for treatment, Dr. Sosenko was thrilled at the postive recognition Dr. Sulllivan gave to Dentists and oral appliance therapy.

Dr. Lydia Sosenko on WGN’s Healthwatch, 2009

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