Sleep Problems Within the Military

Sleep Problems within the Military

Sleep problems within the Military are common

With the recent celebration of our community of military personnel and veterans on Veteran’s Day, I came across an article discussing the impact of sleep problems within the military.

Some of the most common sleep issues, such as insomnia, are quite common among military personnel.  Some of the reasons for an increase in the frequency of sleep problems within the military as compared to people outside the services include stress caused by:

  • being deployed and possibly facing combat.
  • irregular work shift schedules during deployment and in combat.
  • difficulty in adjusting to life at home after completion of active duty.
  • service-related injuries and illnesses.

If you are presently serving in the armed forces or have served in the past, it’s important for you to realize that sleep problems within the military are common in comparison to others outside the military.  Many sleep issues and sleep disorders can be treated successfully.  If you are suffering with any sleep disturbances or have a generalized sense of poor sleep quality, schedule an appointment to talk with a physician. A physician who is knowledgeable in sleep disorders and the treatments of them can give you a thorough evaluation and offer helpful solutions.

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by Dr. Lydia Sosenko

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