Do You Stop Breathing While You Are Sleeping?

stop breathing while you are sleeping

Do you stop breathing while you are sleeping?

Your bed partner said, “You stop breathing while you are sleeping.”  Your first thought when you heard this might have been, “No way! I feel fine. How can this be?”  That’s the typical response of most people.  It can be scary and a major cause for concern to your bed partner who observes these apneas.

Unfortunately, the person with sleep apnea has no idea this is happening or that these apneas may occur hundreds of times each night.  Some actually wake unrefreshed, feel tired throughout the day and tank in the afternoons or after meals.  Others wake with headaches that last most of the day, fall asleep at the most inopportune times or suffer from depression.

Maybe it’s time for a lifestyle change!  Eat better, avoid alcohol, lose weight and see your doctor to determine if you are snoring or if you have sleep apnea.

We found this great video on Health Concerns Linked with Sleep Apnea. We also think this app is a great tool to inspire people to take action to get their health in check.

Please click on the link below to watch the video “This is What Sleep Apnea Really Looks Like.” It shows what your body goes through during an apnea.

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